A Days Work

A Typical Day at the 'Oyster Gym'

A day on the farm can range from glorious, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and gentle breezes, to almost dreadful: in the wintertime we break through ice to reach our oysters in the bone-chilling cold. Although always fun, the work is physically demanding and is a great workout for our farmers.

We prune our oysters meticulously, and very often. This is how we cultivate such a high quality product. The tumbling not only prunes the shells resulting in a deeper cupped oyster with a stronger shell and well-defined hinge, but also grades our oysters into different sizes.

After a tumbler separates the larger oysters, they are put on the sorting table and hand selected to fill that weeks orders. Only the most perfect oysters are selected for sale as "Peconic Gold's".

The first order of work is pulling up several cages with our winch. We are taking cages that haven't been checked in two to three weeks out of the water and bringing them to our floating work platform where our tumbler is.

Most of the oysters we process go back out to grow in cages with larger mesh.

Pulling gear
Hand Sorting

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