Our Oysters

The farm is laboriously maintained throughout the growing season March through December. Peconic Golds are hand picked when they achieve the perfect size and shape combination. Naturally, we end up selling our smaller yet extremely meaty and thick shelled slow growers lastly, in the heart of the winter. Whether they're being served at your wedding, your home, or at your favorite restaurant, you can be certain that you are enjoying some of the finest shellfish Long Island has to offer. One thing youll notice about our oysters in addition to the incredible shells is the consistent size and shape of oysters in each 200 count bag.

Peconic Golds


Peconic Golds are selected for harvest between Two and a half and Three inches long. Peconic Golds feature well defined hinges and deep cups, these oysters shuck like a dream and are the gold standard for half shell oysters.


Peconic Gold Oysters feature mild brininess, a sweet, creamy complexion, with hints of minerals and the edible gracilaria seaweed that grows around the oysters. You’ll know it’s a Peconic Gold because of the unique smoky finish that keeps everyone coming back for more.

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